Live2Air is a live closed captioning system that employs voice recognition with a trained respeaker. The windows system can be connected directly to the encoder, be connected via modem, or using EEG's iCap.

Features Summary

  • Employs the latest voice recognition software
  • Trained respeakers can achieve 95% or more accuracy
  • Configurable shortcut keys for caption style and position
  • All characters supported including music note and degree
  • Supports encoder direct connect, modem connect, and EEG iCap connect
  • Automatically generated time of day stamped caption session file
  • Supports custom dictionaries


  1. Respeaker first creates a voice profile, trains the system, and creates a custom dictionary for each uniqe topic.
  2. To live caption an event, a respeaker starts live2air with their profile and connects to an encoder.
  3. System first connects to encoder in bypass, respeaker uses GO to start encoding and STOP to return to bypass
  4. By respeaking the program audio to the voice recognition system in live2air the transcribed text is delivered to the encoder as caption.
  5. The keyboard or system can be used to provide punctuation.