Closed captioning is a requirement for many Canadian broadcasters. Between the CRTC mandates and the 350,000 culturally deaf Canadians there are many incentives to captioning broadcasts. Closed captions are widely used in ariports, bars, health clubs, and other places where noise levels are unsiutable for audio.

The ProCAP system is a complete offline, nonlinear caption and subtitle preparation system that provides a cost-effective and flexible solution. ProCAP is designed to allow businesses to easily adapt to future closed captioning mandates and changes in technology requirements.

Features Summary

  • Line 21 Closed Captioning
  • DVD Subtitling
  • DTV Closed Captioning
  • Avid MetaSync Import
  • Omneon Interface
  • Supports many popular caption file formats
  • Operates as a standalone system or networked
  • User Voice Recognition to assist users in creating transcripts and captions

The System

  1. The source video (from a VTR, VHS, Non Linear Editor (NLE), Server....) is digitized with LTC or burned-in time code into ProCAP using a computer workstation or server.
  2. Using Microsoft Word, ProCAP extends the functionality of the universal word processor, allowing users to import or create transcripts, author and edit captions, caption styles, format and positioning with ease.
  3. The audio and video is viewed in a Player video window that is resizeable and may be positioned anywhere on the computer screen.
  4. The keyboard shortcuts and drag-to-position features within the Player offers users WYSIWYG control over caption placement as well as the ability to split caption text with row, column and frame accuracy.
  5. A Timeline provides a pictorial view of caption reading rates, duration, start and end time code values and indicates transmission conflicts prior to encoding, saving revision time and costs.
  6. Once the material has been captioned, the file can be exported to a transfer document for the captions to be encoded to video or directly to an Omneon Media Server.
  7. Completed subtitles can be rendered to DVD subtitle images, exported scripts or DVD Line 21 files for direct import into the popular DVD authoring systems.